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1. Conference on Analysis and Geometry

Posted by haifeng on 2015-06-04 22:52:39 last update 2015-06-04 22:52:39 | Answers (0) | 收藏

Conference on Analysis and Geometry

Hefei   From 2015/8/4 to 2015/8/9


In recent years we have witnessed dramatic developments in geometric analysis where the interplay of analysis and geometry plays a key role in these celebrated works. To name a few, the proof of the Poincare and the geometrization conjectures by Perelman, the quarter pinching conjecture by Brendle-Schoen, the Lawson Conjecture by Brendle, the Willmore Conjecture by Marques-Neves and Yau' stability conjecture on Fano manifolds by Chen-Donaldson-Sun. We therefore believe that it is important to bring together an active group of researchers in analysis and geometry, in an environment conducive to the exchange of ideas, for the purpose of stimulating further research in this broad and dynamic field.

While the conference is primarily intended as a scientic event, we would also like to take this opportunity to commemorate the deep and original contributions to geometric analysis made by the late Professor Ding Weiyue, whose work has influenced and inspired a new generation of Chinese geometric analysts. We believe there could be no more appropriate way to memorialize Ding's mathematical work than by dedicating this conference to his legacy. We do so in the same spirit that Ding himself would have advocated, in the hope that this conference will become both a celebration of youth, originality, and devotion to the mathematical sciences, and an avenue for the establishment of new ties of friendship and collaboration across disciplinary, cultural and geographical borders.

2. 第十六届全国代数表示论研讨会

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The 16th Workshop on Representation Theory of Algebra

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会议日期: 2014年6月25日(周三) -- 6月30日(周一)

会议地点: 扬州大学


3. 2013 Nanjing Conference on Geometric Analysis

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2013 Nanjing Conference on Geometric Analysis

June 17, 2013 --- June 21, 2013, Nanjing


The objective of this conference is to provide an opportunity for the mathematicians in the field of geometric analysis to exchange the most up-to-date ideas on their researches. The topics will include geometric PDE, geometric flows, extremal Kaehler metric, Riemannian geometry and General Relativity.

The conference is organized by the Department of Mathematics and the Institute of Mathematical Science at Nanjing University.


Hotel: The New Era Hotel (新纪元酒店). It is very close to Gu Lou Campus of Nanjing University, see this map: hotel and campus
For more information about the hotel, visit its website:

Conference Location: Room 1105, 11th floor, Meng Min Wei Building (蒙民伟楼), Institute of Mathematical Science(IMS), Nanjing University.

Registration: June 16, 2013, either at the hotel or at IMS.

Program: program (6/12/2013)

Partial List of Participants: list (6/7/2013)

Titles and abstracts : talks (6/12/2013)

Organizing Committee members

Xuezhang Chen (Nanjing University)

Jiaqiang Mei (Nanjing University)

Hourong Qin (Nanjing University)

Xingwang Xu (National University of Singapore, Nanjing University)

Huicheng Yin (Nanjing University)

Jiangong You (Nanjing University)

Qi Zhang (University of California Riverside, Nanjing University)

Scientific Committee

Chair: Gang Tian (Nanjing University and Princeton University)


Chongqing Cheng (Nanjing University)

Weiyue Ding (Peking University)

Jiaxing Hong (Fudan University)

Xueping Wang (University of Nantes, Nanjing University)

Weiping Zhang (Nankai University)

Contact: Jiaqiang Mei    Tel: +86-25-83686430  Fax: +86-25-83686411

The URL for the conference is:

4. [ICCM2013]第六届世界华人数学家大会将在台北召开

Posted by haifeng on 2013-04-10 21:17:45 last update 2013-04-10 21:17:45 | Answers (0) | 收藏

The 6th ICCM will be held from July 14 to 19, 2013 in Taipei. You are cordially invited to join this great event! Please note that ICCM 2013 will be held in JULY, not in December as with the previous ICCMs. It is important that you mark July 2013 on your calendar now!

5. [ACMS2013]第二届计算建模与模拟进展国际会议

Posted by haifeng on 2012-11-21 19:40:52 last update 2012-11-21 19:40:52 | Answers (0) | 收藏

The 2nd International Conference on Advances in Computational Modeling and Simulation

Kunming,China, July 17-19, 2013

This conference aims to provide an international forum for research presentation, exchange of ideas and creation of knowledge in recent advances on various
aspects of theories, analyses, and applications of computational methods in engineering science and mechanics. In particular, it will reflect the state-of-the-art
in computational methods, applications, networking technologies, new and advanced engineering applications in emerging technologies such as the bioscience
and biotechnology, nanoscience and nanotechnology, computational mechanics, numerical modeling and simulation, computational methods, AI and experts systems,
material sciences, etc. We cordially invite both researchers as well as practitioners to take full part in the conference as their interaction forum.
ACMS2013旨在提供一个高水平的国际论坛,为国内外专家和学者提供学术交流的平台,探讨和交流计算力学、数值模型与仿真、 计算方法、人工智能、材料科学、系统科学、
Publication of Papers
All accepted papers are published in Applied Mechanics and Materials, a periodical that is available in full text online at, and are
indexed by Elsevier: SCOPUS and Ei Compendex (CPX) Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA), Chemical Abstracts (CA), Google and Google Scholar, ISI (ISTP), Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE), etc. All proceedings
will appear online as soon as possible and no later than 6 months after the conference has taken place.
所有录用文章将在“Applied Mechanics and Materials”期刊出版,由 提供全文检索,并由Elsevier: SCOPUS and Ei Compendex (CPX) Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA), Chemical Abstracts (CA), Google and Google Scholar, ISI (ISTP), Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE) www.iee.org收录检索。会议论文集会后6个月内提供在线检索。

The conference proceedings of the First International Conference on Advances in Computational Modeling and Simulation (ACMS2011) has been published by
Elsevier Ltd. (see Procedia Engineering 31 (2012) 1–2, ISSN 1877-7058), and indexed in EI.
第一届计算建模与模拟进展国际会议 (ACMS2011)论文集已由Elsevier Ltd.出版 (参见 Procedia Engineering 31 (2012) 1–2, ISSN 1877-7058),全部论文均被EI检索。
Important Dates 重要日期
Receipt of abstract: 摘要接收
January 15, 2013     2013年1月15日
Notification of acceptance: 接受通知
February 15, 2013    2013年2月15日
Submission of full paper:   全文接收
Apirl 15, 2013       2013年4月15日
Deadline for early payment:  早注册

Please visit ACMS2013 Website for details: ACMS2013会议详情请访问网站:
Welcome to submit your paper online!
Submission System:
Contact info: 联系方式
Tel: +86 15887135097

6. Hopf 代数与表示理论研讨会(2012 ● 扬州)

Posted by haifeng on 2012-10-18 08:01:21 last update 2012-10-18 08:31:21 | Answers (0) | 收藏

时  间:2012年10月20日8:30
地  点:扬州大学数学科学学院报告厅

Hopf Algebra
8:30-9:10 C.M.Ringel Bielefeld University  The Gorenstein projective modules for the Nakayama algebras
9:20-10:00 G. X. Liu Nanjing University Total indicators for semisimple quasi-Hopf algebras
10:00-10:20 Tea break
10:20-11:00 X. L. Yu Hongzhou Normal University Calabi-Yau Nichols algebra of Hecke type
11:10-11:50 Z. H. Wang Yangzhou University Green rings of finite dimensional pointed rank one Hopf algebras of nilpotent type
12:00-14:30 Lunch break
14:30-15:10 J. W. He Shaoxing University Group actions on regular algebras of dimension 2
15:20-16:00 Y. Ye USTC The graded center of a Galois extension
16:00-16:20 Tea break
16:20-17:00 J. C. Dong Southeast University Current development of Kaplansky’s sixth conjecture
17:10-17:50 H. L. Huang Shandong University On finite pointed tensor categories


7. 2012年度长江三角洲偏微分方程学术研讨会

Posted by haifeng on 2012-09-28 17:49:54 last update 2012-09-28 18:03:39 | Answers (0) | 收藏

2012年长江三角洲偏微分方程学术研讨会暨长江三角洲偏微分 方程 博士生论坛将于 2012年11月9日至 2012年11
月11日在南京大学举行( 11月9日下午报到注册),欢迎长江三角洲地区偏微分方程领域的专家学者以及研究生

学术委员会:  李大潜 姜礼尚 陈恕行 洪家兴

组织委员会:  王亚光 麻希南 尹会成 栗付才 李军 阮卓娉

会议时间、地点: 2012年11月10日至11日中午、南京大学
报到时间: 2012年11月9日14:00-22:00


8. [GAP conference] Geometry And Physics

Posted by haifeng on 2012-07-26 09:54:01 last update 2012-07-26 09:55:16 | Answers (0) | 收藏



GAP(Geometry And Physics)



9. (ICCTAE2012)第二届国际计算机技术应用与高等学校计算机教育大会

Posted by haifeng on 2012-04-09 11:23:11 last update 2012-04-09 11:23:11 | Answers (0) | 收藏

会议名称:The 2cd International Conference on Computer Technology and
Application and  Computer Education of the University and college
日期:  2012年11月15~17日。地点:美国达拉斯。
举办单位: * International  Society of  Computers Technology and Education
*Distance Leaning and Continuing Educating Branch of National Research
Council of Computer Education in Colleges & Universities,
China(全国高等学校计算机教育研究会远程与继续教育分会 中国)
录用日期:  收到稿件后20个工作日内从美国发给"录用通知"。
全文截稿日期: 2012年7月30日。
论文检索:     论文报送EI期刊检索。

10. Workshop on Geometry and Topology

Posted by haifeng on 2011-10-08 22:18:00 last update 2011-10-08 22:18:00 | Answers (0) | 收藏

October 14-16, 2011

Department of Mathematics, Tongji University

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